Why Small Business Owners Need to Attend WordCamp

Attending WordCamp

Are you hearing about “WordCamps” and wondering what they are all about? And, more importantly, if they are for you? Here is the scoop on what happens at WordCamps and why you, yes you, should attend a WordCamp in your area.

What are WordCamps?

WordCamps are organized by the local community. The content at each camp is different but the bulk of the session are focused on WordPress. Other topics include general marketing and business advice. The overall atmosphere is casual. All are welcome from developers to beginners and everything in between.

How do WordCamps Benefit Business Owners?

Gain New Skills and Knowledge

First, WordCamps are a great opportunity to learn about the interesting and creative ways other business owners are using WordPress. Talk topics range from beginner WordPress knowledge, to design and marketing tips, to all day workshops. It’s inspiring to pick-up new tidbits of information that might not have been on your radar as well as essential information on scary things like security. The sponsors not only have great swag, but they are a great resource for new products geared at making life with WordPress better.

Interact with the WordPress Community

Second, the WordPress community is awesome. Most of us are so busy with the day to day work of managing our businesses that it can be hard to see what’s beyond our business. Taking the time to interact with other people facing the same challenges makes you feel like part of something bigger. The WordPress community is open, helpful and just plain nice. Who doesn’t need more of that in their life?

Have Some Fun!

While learning and connecting with others is great, we have also found WordCamps to be fun. Because the community is lighthearted and open, the whole atmosphere at WordCamps feels the same. The talks are not only informative but often entertaining. In addition, it’s easy to attend a lunch or after hours events and enjoy some good food and conversation with some new friends.

How Much do WordCamps Cost?

Lastly, we would be remiss to not remind (or inform) you that WordCamps are inexpensive. The average cost for a whole weekend-long WordCamp is around $40. That typically includes lectures, parking, swag, food (lunch and maybe snacks, small breakfast, and coffee) and after-hours events (which often include a drink and apps, maybe even dinner). It’s quite the deal and something you won’t find to be the case at most conferences.

Final Thoughts

We encourage you to start connecting to the WordPress community. Stay updated on what’s happening in your area because most likely, there’s a WordCamp coming to a location near you!

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Lori Calcott

Lori Calcott

Originally from Pittsburgh, Lori has been working in search engine marketing since 2001. Lori is the published author of The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords and is a leader in the paid search field. When not at work, Lori spends time with her family and can often be found hiking and skiing the Highland Bowl.