Countryside Barns

Case Study

Countryside Barns

Countryside Barns is a family-owned portable building, shed, and cabin manufacturer based in Eureka, Illinois. The company prides itself on quality craftsmanship along with a reputation of honesty, integrity and trust.

In an effort to drive more sales through organic search, and not knowing the best approach to SEO, they began working with an expensive “SEO guru.” Unfortunately, they quickly found out that when it came to working with him it was either his way or the highway.

An Alternative Approach to SEO

Fed up with a lack of results and the SEO guru’s unwillingness to collaborate, the folks at Countryside Barns went looking for an alternative. The solution they landed on is the guided SEO approach offered here at Pathfinder.

Getting Started with Guided SEO

After subscribing, the team at Countryside Barns got to work. They started moving through the SEO Checklist and quickly figured out they were more than capable of managing their SEO in-house. They began doing keyword research and tracking their rankings. They tightened up their technical SEO and learned how to create impactful content. They also started building valuable links pointing back to their website. All the while, their SEO Coach met with them on a monthly basis to answer their questions and provide them with SEO solutions tailored to their needs.

All In With Pathfinder SEO

Satisfied that they had found a great alternative to their SEO guru, and realizing that he was nothing of the sort, the folks at Countryside Barns decided to part ways with him. However, they then found out that they were being held hostage with threats of lost links and diminished rankings. Reassured by their SEO Coach, they severed ties anyway and started implementing their own SEO using Pathfinder SEO as their guide.

 The Results

After completing the SEO Checklist and working with their SEO Coach for several months, they began seeing impressive results. At the time of writing this, Countryside Barns has been working with Pathfinder SEO for eight months and has seen the following:

Inscrease in YOY Organic Traffic
YOY Sales Improvement
Largest Sales Month in History
Inscrease in Ad Spend


“Pathfinder SEO plays a big part in our very cost efficient strategy to increase organic search results. The coaching sessions, online resources, and reporting are what set Pathfinder SEO apart. By using it, we have spent less on SEO while increasing our sales and search visibility.”
Greg Bradle - Countryside Barns

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