How to Build Great Landing Pages That Convert

Learning how to build great landing pages that convert doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Every time you create a landing page, it needs to be built for an intended purpose and tailored to the segment of your audience that will be visiting it.

While every landing page should be unique, including the following elements in all of your landing pages will drastically increase your chances of seeing them convert.

Must Haves

When properly employed, you should be able to generate conversions with little more than a value proposition and a call to action.

Unique Value Proposition

Tell your visitors exactly what it is you are going to do for them or enable them to do. This is called your value proposition. Think about what success looks like to your visitors and tell them precisely how you are going to help them achieve it in a way that only you can.

Put your unique value proposition in your biggest heading, at the top of the page in the most prominent place possible. Follow this up with a subheading that adds details, if necessary.

Call to Action

If you’ve captured your visitors attention with your unique value proposition, immediately follow it up with a strong call to action (CTA). Make your CTA into a button. It can be attached to a form or field, but make sure it’s a button that people can click. Buttons are far more likely to convert than plain old text links.

Your CTA button needs to jump off the page. People respond to contrast and there is no better place to use contrast than in your CTA button. It should be a different color than everything else on your page. You also want to include some clever or enticing copy that encourages people to click on it.

Make sure that you keep your unique value proposition and you CTA above the fold on your landing pages.

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Nice to Haves

If people pass over your unique value proposition and your CTA, they might need more information. Here’s a few elements that can make them circle back and take action.

Empathize With Your Audience

You know your audience, so prove it. Show your audience that you know what it feels like to be in their shoes by speaking to what pains them. Do it in a list or maybe use some icons that exemplify each pain point. Repeat back to them what frustrates them about their current approach and tell them exactly what your product does to address those frustrations.

Promote The Benefits Your Product Offers

Let people know how they will benefit from using your product or service. While features are nice to know, people respond to benefits. Don’t sell lemonade, sell guaranteed refreshment. Don’t sell a vacuum, sell a clean house free from anxiety inducing dust bunnies. Don’t sell coffee, sell energy and productivity.

Turn your features into benefits by taking any feature and asking yourself “So what?”

Social Proof

People are far more likely use your product or service if they know other people are using it with positive results. Include testimonials, case studies or some media mentions. Let people know what they can expect out of your product or service by curating some trustworthy social proof.

Now that you know what elements are going to help your landing pages convert, it’s time to start testing them out for yourself. Play around with different landing page configurations and see what your audience responds to.

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Erik Wardell

Erik Wardell

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