How It Works

Pathfinder SEO is a Guided SEO solution for site owners, freelancers, and agencies. It is a subscription-based service that includes the map, tools, and a coach. Learn how it works.

Step 1 - Establish the Starting Point

The first step in guided SEO is finding the trailhead. We need to know where you are today to help you on your way to get found in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Submit your website to our coaches for a personalized SEO score.

With your score in hand, you'll have a good sense of where we are starting the hike. Next, we need to set goals and expectations.

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Step 2 - Goals & Expectations

SEO is like hiking to the top of a mountain. It requires steady effort and the return on investment is highly rewarding. We need to establish goals and key performance indicators to track our progress along the way.

We often see people struggle to set an attainable, but lofty goal for their SEO results. Either, they skip this step entirely and start wandering in the woods of SEO without a summit in sight. Or, they pick too high of a mountain to climb and ultimately turn around.

This is where your coach at Pathfinder SEO comes in. After subscribing, schedule a kickoff call with your dedicated SEO coach. We've worked with thousands of business owners, freelancers, and agencies over the past 10 years. Your coach will ask the right questions to help you set attainable goals.

Step 3 - Pack Your Backpack

Before hitting the trail, we need to pack a backpack filled with the essentials - rain jacket, food, and water. And most importantly, a map.

At Pathfinder SEO, we pack your backpack for you. It includes:

The Map

We share our SEO process which distills ten years of industry experience. The map includes a step by step checklist with simple, actionable tasks.

The Tools

We provide you with the tools you need such as keyword research, rank tracking, and monthly SEO reports.

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The Coach

We come alongside as your guide. Subscriptions to Pathfinder SEO include a one-on-one monthly review with your personal SEO coach.

Step 4 - SEO Checkist

Your backpack is packed. You have a map in hand. And you know where you are heading. We're ready to start the hike. Enter the SEO Checklist. It includes 12 assignments designed to jump start your results. We address the most impactful SEO tactics in the checklist. Think keyword research, on-site optimization, site speed, and more.

You don't need to be an SEO expert to complete the checklist. Nor do you need to be a web developer. With guided SEO, 80% of your SEO efforts will be actionable. 20% will be spent learning and analyzing data. We often see those taking a DIY approach turn this around and spend 80% of their time trying to become an SEO expert and only 20% of their time actually taking the steps that will impact results. With the help of our map, you can more efficiently hike to the top of the mountain without getting lost or having to stop along the way for directions.

The time required to complete the SEO Checklist varies based on the size of your website, competition in your industry space, and where you are starting. The choice is yours as to how fast you'd like to tackle it. Some subscribers accomplish the checklist in a day or two. Others, invest small amounts of time over the course of several months.

Step 5 - Coaching Corner

Your SEO coach will accompany you along the way. Subscriptions include a monthly one-on-one review. You can schedule these calls directly in Pathfinder SEO in our Coaching Corner.

There are several points along the way where your coach will be particularly interested to check in and make sure you're on the right trail. For example, after you've completed keyword research as we want to be confident that your keyword space matches your audience and is aligned with your goals.

During the calls, you can ask questions. Your coach will also have custom guidance to provide depending on where you are in the journey. Coaching calls are 50 minutes and are completed via a conference call with screen sharing to keep them interactive.

Step 6 - Monthy Tasks

SEO isn't a set it and forget it marketing initiative. It requires ongoing effort. The search engine algorithms evolve. So too does your business and website.

Pathfinder SEO will share a monthly task with you. Think of it as a homework assignment. Some months the homework will feel familiar - writing new content or getting reviews for your business on Google Maps. Other months, the tasks will be new and exciting - thinking about dwell time and click-through rates. We'll provide you with the tools and education you need to complete the challenge.

The average subscriber invests 2-4 hours/month on ongoing SEO.

The Summit

We're often asked - will I reach the summit of SEO? In short, yes. But then there are more mountains to climb. We'll celebrate wins along the way. We might even rest a bit. Then, we'll be back at it climbing the next peak.

Results are rewarding! We see Guided SEO subscribers enthusiastic on the summit and proud of their successes. And they're always asking - what's next?

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