Why Small Businesses Need SEO

Why SEO for Small Businesses

The world of SEO may seem overwhelming to a small business. However, improving your online presence in the search engines is essential to gaining new customers and increasing sales. According to a 2017 study by WordStream, 72% of people that performed a local search actually visited a store within five miles. In today’s world, it’s a fact, customers are searching before they shop.

Here are 5 reasons small businesses need SEO:

  • Positive search engine results build trust with customers. If they can easily find you online, they know you are open for business. Information they need to visit your store, such as hours of operation and location, shouldn’t be hard to find, even after you have left for the day. When this information is readily available, customers feel more confident about shopping with you.
  • Just having a website isn’t enough. The most well-built, beautiful website doesn’t help build your business if your customers can’t find it. A well-executed SEO strategy builds off the investment you have already made when building your site.
  • Take advantage of your location to dominate in local search listings. As a local business, you have a big advantage over your big box competitors, you are closely tied to your location.
  • Make your website a resource for your customers by sharing your local knowledge. Small businesses know their local area. They are able to blog about local beta in a helpful, meaningful way. Creating a website that is also a resource builds trust with customers.
  • Engaging in SEO gives you an advantage over your competitors. Only 17% of small businesses are currently engaging in SEO. Probably because they haven’t found Pathfinder SEO. Lucky you, you’ve found an affordable way to rank better than 83% of your competitors.

We created Pathfinder SEO with small businesses in mind. By making SEO accessible and affordable for small businesses, now is the time to get started. Contact us to get your SEO score and get on the path to SEO success.

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Lori Calcott

Lori Calcott

Originally from Pittsburgh, Lori has been working in search engine marketing since 2001. Lori is the published author of The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords and is a leader in the paid search field. When not at work, Lori spends time with her family and can often be found hiking and skiing the Highland Bowl.