Why Yoast Premium is Worth it

Paying for Yoast Premium

Simply put, Yoast has become the front-running multifunction SEO plugin for WordPress users. We love the free version and use the Premium edition here in the Pathfinder SEO office on a daily basis here in the Pathfinder SEO office. Let's take a look at what advantages Yoast Premium has over the free version and why Yoast Premium might just be worth it for you and your business.

Is Yoast Premium Worth the Expense?

The easy-to-use Yoast Premium SEO plugin works so well that the Yoast team can focus on innovation and rolling out updates that keep users current with SEO best practices. Those updates happen approximately twice a month, which means you always have the right information and tools to properly optimize your site.

Yoast SEO's keyword tools, readability scores, and other features make the free Yoast plugin worth spending money on in our opinion. However, as we all know, you get what you pay for (or don't).

Yoast Premium is available for $89/year right now, which seems like a small price to pay for access to all the additional features it offers.

So who needs Yoast Premium?

Three Groups That Need Yoast Premium

1. Website Redesign Teams With Lots of Potential Redirect Problems

Yoast Premium includes an amazing tool called the redirects manager. This module comes in handy when you have a complex, interlinked site that is undergoing a rebrand or a complete overhaul.

When this happens, many of your past leads and customers may try to visit URLs that no longer link to the pages they should. Ideally, your entire old site redirects seamlessly to your new site. And, URLs should map perfectly onto valuable content in a way that leaves customers simply impressed with the new design, rather than frustrated that the content they are seeking can't be found.

You can manage redirects manually, but be forewarned that it can take a good amount of time. The other option is a Yoast SEO Premium subscription, which for less than $90/year gives you access to the easy-to-use redirects manager and makes wrangling redirects just about as simple as it gets.

This tool pays for itself pretty much instantly if you are in this situation, since managing redirects on your own is frustrating, time-consuming, and can still lead to missing links.

2. Website Managers Competing for Hotly Contested Keywords

When you know your competitors are maintaining sophisticated SEO-driven sites that compete for top ranking keywords in search engine results, Yoast SEO Premium can give you an upper hand.

You can get this edge by using Yoast Premium to ensure that each piece of content you create is able to compete for multiple focus keywords. Using multiple focus keywords will help improve your ability to rank individual pages or posts across a wider range of search results.

And with that said, it's important to note that context is becoming a more important factor in search engine algorithms. This means many people want to be able to note not just a focus keyword, but supporting terms that indicate to users and search engines that their original content is actually valuable and comprehensive.

Word Forms are a feature of Yoast SEO Premium that allows you to optimize further by evaluating the context of your most important keywords.

For mostly-uncontested search engine queries, these features may be overkill. However, if you rely on organic search engine traffic and want to be just one place higher in the rankings; Premium may be just the thing to push your content to the top of the page.

3. Those New to SEO

Every constantly-updated plugin occasionally encounters bugs. It can be incredibly helpful to have someone standing by to help you out, especially as a beginner.

If your team is still getting the hang of SEO and trying to maximize your use of Yoast, Premium may be worth the money for the year of free updates and support in itself.

The team at Yoast knows SEO backward and forward. If something within the plug-in seems to be malfunctioning, they can be the ones to either fix it or show you how to use it more effectively.

The support team makes it easy to quickly grow from being an SEO novice to an advanced Yoast user, all without having to do the heavy analytical lifting that Yoast so effortlessly performs.

Overwhelmed by SEO? Try a guided approach.

More Features of Yoast Premium

Not sure if you fall into those three categories? Here are additional features that might make a Yoast Premium upgrade worthwhile.

Find Lost Content With The Orphaned Content Filter

When your site changes over time, there will occasionally be pages or posts that are "orphaned," or not linked to from anywhere. And, if they aren’t linked to and not indexed by search engines, nobody will be able to find them.

To create a truly cohesive site that takes advantage of all the helpful and valuable content you and your team have created, you can use the Orphaned Content Filter to help you find the pages that are unavailable to search engines and potential visitors. Then all you have to do is link to them from elsewhere on your site.

By taking advantage of the Orphaned Content Filter, you get more play with search engines because every piece of content starts pulling its weight.

Get Valuable Link Recommendations With the Internal Linking Tool

One of the best ways to increase time-on-site, and potentially conversion rates, is to create meaningful and useful links from one post to valuable related posts throughout your site.

In the past, this had to be done manually by a person with comprehensive knowledge of the site. But with Yoast SEO Premium, an automated suggestion will pop up recommending content to link to. By creating links based on these content recommendations, you are going to give users and search engines a better overall experience on your site.

Plan Your Social Posts Perfectly With Social Preview

When you want your brand's image to be perfectly conveyed in every single social post, you can use Social Preview to ensure that everything is working smoothly before you send out posts on your company’s social channels.

Yoast SEO Premium includes this tool and it can be a saving grace for busy digital marketers who need to stay on top of social.

Final Thoughts

Is Yoast SEO Premium worth it? Given everything just mentioned and having been happy users for years, we believe it is and love that it's constantly getting better. However, if you are strapped for cash en route to making your business profitable, you can definitely get by with the free version.

Whether you are using Yoast SEO or Yoast Premium, don't forget that you need a comprehensive SEO strategy to guide your SEO work. Both versions of Yoast are SEO tools and little more. There are various approaches you can take when it comes to finding the right SEO strategy. We recommend a guided one.

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