25 WordPress Influencers Our Team Has Learned From

WordPress Influencers

Over the past year, the team at Pathfinder SEO has relied on these WordPress influencers to inform, entertain and help guide us in the world of WordPress. If you are new to the WordPress space, we recommend you follow these helpful people on Twitter and check out what they are up to in their day-to-day. Hopefully, following them will be just as helpful to you as it has been for us.

Chris Lema - @chrislema
Chris has been our most influential and impactful mentor in the WordPress space to date. He has a compelling and straightforward way of explaining productization and sales. Whether we’re connecting with him at a WordCamp or listening to one of the hundreds of podcast interviews he’s done, we always benefit from what he has to say. And, he might be the best storyteller we’ve met.

Maddy Osman - @maddyosman
Maddy is one of the few freelance writers we work with on a regular basis. We work with her because she’s a pro. Whether she’s publishing a fresh article on The Blogsmith or one of the dozens of other WordPress outlets she writes for, Maddy has no shortage of knowledge to share when it comes to WordPress SEO and content creation.

Erin Flynn - @erin3flynn
We have the pleasure of living in the same neighborhood as Erin Flynn and we’re incredibly grateful she and Maleka Vrana started the Aspen WordPress Meetup. The amount of WordPress knowledge we’ve picked up from Erin at this local meetup is nothing short of ample. And, it’s one of our favorite social events to attend each month. We recommend you follow Erin on Twitter if you are interested in learning how to become a better WordPress freelancer.

Tara Claeys - @TaraClaeys
The first time we ever saw Tara, she was jogging down a street in Nashville sneaking in a workout before WordCamp US. We were highly impressed by her early morning ambition. As it turns out, we got to know her and she’s one of the kindest people we’ve met in the WordPress community. We’re constantly inspired by her ability to be a mother, run a business and host her podcast Hallway Chats with @liamdempsey.

Christie Chirinos - @cicichirinos
Christie is kicking butt for the team over at Caldera Forms. She has an MBA and a keen business sense. She loves sharing what she knows and helping other people out. Whether we’re catching her on a podcast or collaborating with her on a project to benefit the WordPress community, we always appreciate an opportunity to engage with her.

Nathan Ingram - @nathaningram
We’re pretty sure one of the reasons Nathan was put on this planet is to make freelancers’ lives a little more manageable and a lot more profitable. If that’s part of his mission here, it would appear he is seeing some serious success. Despite us not being freelancers, he’s still encouraged our team to create more systems and processes around everything we do. We’ve also learned a thing or two from the iThemes trainings he hosts.

Michiel Heijmans - @michielheijmans
Partner and COO at Yoast, Michiel’s WordPress SEO knowledge is seemingly boundless. He has the ability to pull from that vast reservoir on knowledge and create approachable WordPress SEO content that any WordPress user can benefit from. His writing is inspiring and we love recommending it as a resource for Pathfinder SEO subscribers.

Joe Casabona - @jcasabona
Joe is the likable talent behind How I Built It. The amount of startup knowledge we’ve gained from his interviews with other WordPress company founders is immense. If you are thinking about starting your own WordPress product or already have, we highly recommend you follow Joe and listen to his podcast. You can check out the podcast our founder Lindsay did with him, too.

Cory Miller - @corymiller303
Cory is the founder of iThemes. Although he has a lot to say about WordPress, we have benefited the most from his insights on entrepreneurship and mental health, and the place where they intersect. He’s on a mission to reframe the way all of us approach mental health and we commend the honesty and candor with which he’s doing it.

Matt Medeiros - @mattmedeiros
Matt is the engaging host of the Matt Report, a standout WordPress business podcast. He has a knack of booking great guests and does an impressive job with his interviews. Several of the influencers on this list we originally learned about through his podcast. Listen in and discover who else in the WordPress space you might be able to learn from.

Bob WP - @bobWP
Bob Dunn’s website and podcasts are deep wells of WordPress knowledge. He regularly provides his audience useful information revolving around everything from e-commerce and monetization to content marketing and general WordPress tips. His content tips, in particular, have come in handy for us time and time again.

Brian Jackson - @brianleejackson
Brian Jackson is the CMO over at Kinsta and he is crushing the content marketing for them. We love sharing his work because he regularly covers topics our audience, and us, find beneficial. And, his writing is fun and engaging to read.

Suzanne Scacca - @SEScacca
Suzanne is a freelance writer that covers content creation, WordPress and tech. Although we love the writing she’s done for companies throughout the WordPress community, what we appreciate even more is her ability to curate and share relevant and useful content on Twitter.

Adam Warner - @WPmodder
Adam Warner is on a mission to tell the world how WordPress can be used to create beautiful, efficient, and highly-functional websites. Based on the content he’s putting out there on a regular basis, he’s succeeding. Adam has helped guide us through a WordCamp or two and for that, we are very grateful.

Brian Krogsgard - @post_status
Brian is the constantly curious producer of Post Status, an insightful podcast and industry news site that digs into what’s happening in the WordPress ecosystem. Brian’s curiosity is reflected in the content Post Status distributes, which means you can find out about a wide variety of WordPress related topics from him. We like that Post Status often focuses on larger trends in the WordPress community. Many of Brian’s insights have helped us gain a better understanding of the WordPress space as a whole and how Pathfinder SEO fits in.

Brian Casel - @CasJam
Brian knows what it takes to productize a service and is on a mission to help other business owners do the same. We recommend you start following Brian and listening to his Productize Podcast if you have any interest in learning how to productize your WordPress business. His interviews with other entrepreneurs are packed with useful tidbits. Being a productized service, we’ve picked up indispensable lessons and found plenty of excellent tools thanks to Brian.

Women Who WP - @WomenWhoWP
Pathfinder SEO is a women-led company and we appreciate the way Women Who WP is inspiring, connecting, challenging, supporting and educating women in the WordPress community. We are proud to be a part of the Women Who WP community and inspired by many of the other women that participate in it.

Matt Mullenweg - @photomatt
We’ve had an opportunity to see Matt speak at several WordCamps over the years and we appreciate what he has to say. We’re continually impressed with his leadership style and humility. What we’re even more impressed with is how he's helped shape the WordPress community in a way that focuses on inclusivity and collaboration.

Jennifer Bourn - @JenniferBourn
Attending a Jennifer Bourn talk at a WordCamp, listening to her on a podcast, or following her on Twitter is bound to help you level up your WordPress business. Much of what we know about good design we’ve learned from her. With that said, her expertise and WordPress knowledge go far beyond design.

Sherry and Rob Walling - @zenfounder & @robwalling
Sherry and Rob are the husband and wife team behind Zen Founder. Considering our startup consists of a small team and all of us have families, we find many the insights offered by Zen Founder approachable and useful. If you are trying to juggle owning a business and being an engaged family member, you might have something to learn from them.

Carrie Dils - @cdils
Carrie Dils is a deadly combination of smart and hilarious. That means listening to her podcast OfficeHours.fm is always educational and entertaining. She covers an impressive array of topics and interviews many of the most knowledgeable people in the WordPress community. If you own a web services business of any sort you might have something to learn from her. We recommend you start with her Top 10 and go from there. We’ve learned plenty from the podcasts on that list.

Nick Schäferhoff - @nschaeferhoff
Nick has a lot to offer when he writes about WordPress SEO and he has a knack for breaking down complex SEO topics into digestible articles. When we don’t have fresh content of our own, we can count on providing our audience with value by sharing some of his recent work.

Alex Denning - @AlexDenning
Alex does marketing for WordPress people who don’t like marketing and he’s also half of the team curating the MasterWP Weekly newsletter. When people ask us how they can stay on top of WordPress news, his newsletter is one of our favorites to recommend. His Twitter feed is equally as informative.

Birgit Pauli-Haack - @bph
Birgit is a dynamic lady. Between managing Pauli Systems, Gutenberg Times, and WP4Good, she still finds time to curate helpful WordPress information for everyone who follows here. She seems to always want to help others and we dig that she’s using WordPress to make the world a better place. We aspire to follow in her footsteps.

There you have it, our list of 25 WordPress influencers that have had an impact on Pathfinder SEO over the past year. If you aren’t already, follow us @pathfinderseo and our founders @linds_halsey and @loricalcott.

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